Join our proven 12-month programme designed to future-proof and accelerate the growth of your property business.


Step foot on our proven 12-month programme and your whole perception of the property world will change.

We eliminate self-imposed barriers, to help you achieve a level of momentum you never thought possible, no matter your starting point.

We become both your partner and coach, supporting you on every aspect of building a pipeline of profitable property deals, and have guided every single one of our programme clients to positive results.


Our commitment is to maximise your time efficiency, and get you focused on the areas of highest impact to drive and deliver a quantifiable return on your investment.



Honesty and integrity is integral to achieving results in any business. As your trusted coach and partner, we will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.



We share the responsibility and
take your success very personally. Together, we will do what it takes to unlock the results you desire.


Now listen...

If you’ve been in this game a while, you may have been down the training rabbit hole. You may have downloaded every lead magnet under the sun to try and patch your business together...

Or been promised the World, and been delivered a banana skin...

If that's you don’t worry. I’ve been there.

Everyone tells you to follow the training. To learn the latest strategies. Or just follow the [INSERT LATEST MAGIC PILL] process.

But let me tell you something...

None of that is really going to magically transform your results. And I think you know that by now.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of what you think running a property business should look like.

But I can tell you one thing with certainty…

You DO NOT need more training or secret hacks!

Let's clear up a few things...

The reason your property business (or you) are stuck at the current level is NOT because...

You work too much, or not enough...

You are not using the latest secret strategy...

You are operating in the wrong area...

You need a bigger team...

None of those things will actually move the needle in your business.

There are property entrepreneurs who work ‘til their eyeballs bleed (metaphorically speaking!) yet their bank balance is still in the red.

Some who have invested thousands in "training" yet have absolutely nothing to show for it.

And people who pivot and change their business quicker than Great Britain changes its Cabinet, and yet are no closer to reaching their goals.

From 12 years experience in the entrepreneurial and property trenches, the biggest mistake I see business owners make is that they might have many of the puzzle pieces, but they either don’t know how to put them together or they’re doing it wrong.

BUT it can really be made very simple if you have the right foundations in place and the right guidance to show you what to do.

Time to get on the express train, first stop... success!

The solution to scale your property business... fast!


Growing a business without rigid frameworks and systems is like building a house of cards; you’ll only get so far before it collapses. We need strategic frameworks and systems (key word being "strategic") in order to support business at every level of growth.

If you hear real entrepreneurs talk about their approach - people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk - love them or hate them, they all operate within unique frameworks, developed with specific goals and personalised drivers in mind.


You would’ve heard how your ‘network is your net worth', but this goes deeper than that. You’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with. So when you’re part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs with the same ambitions as you, you can lean into each others’ strengths when you need support.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, but inside our group of Property Entrepreneurs, you can connect with entrepreneurs from all different walks of life with access to their own individual networks. You have the opportunity to build relationships with others who share similar goals, to not only turn to when you need them, but to design partnerships, make deals, and generate cash-flow faster!


You won’t find a single successful person who hasn’t had a mentor or coach to hold them accountable. Sure, you can try and get there yourself, but it’s a fact that old habits die hard. Whether that’s to be more productive, to be more focussed, to follow through on tasks, or simply having an objective pair of eyes on your progress… accountability is KEY for scaling your business.

Not only do we teach you accountability and productivity techniques to help you change your behaviors for good, you'll also get a full community of accountability from Tanner and the coaches, inside the Mastermind. No one is left behind, so be prepared to do the work to get results!

Why this proven 12 month programe is a no-brainer...

Property Entrepreneurs Training Portal

Step-by-step roadmap focusing on the bloodline of property... doing more deals

No more procrastinating about which strategy to follow or how to actually implement the most effective sourcing tactics!

We’ve laid everything out from our proven methodology into an entire roadmap so you have a clear plan of action and directions to follow.

Whatever stage of the property journey you’re at, you’ll have the most effective step-by-step strategies to use to get you closer to your goal and scale to the next level.

Quarterly Live Boardroom Masterminds

Intensive in person events every 90 Days to keep you on track

Nothing beats a live event to keep you motivated, inspired and working on the right things led by Tanner himself.

Every quarter you’ll be invited to attend an in-person intensive day to lay down your plans for the next 90 days with crystal-clear clarity, take action on your biggest challenges and get your top questions answered by both Tanner and the wider boardroom.

You’ll be surrounded by a high calibre group of go-getters from the Property Entrepreneurs Club – the perfect opportunity to network and smash through barriers with your peers.

Deal Clinics, Accountability & Access to Funding

Interim hangouts to overcome those immediate hurdles

With your 90 day action plans set every quarter at the Boardroom Masterminds, we "hangout" as a group virtually every week on both Clubhouse and Zoom to review prospective deals, discuss the market, overcome challenges and keep the mind laser focused on the task in hand.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to leverage the power of the connections you build with your fellow Property Entrepreneur Masterminders to access funding for your deals if required.

After all, collaboration over competition is one of the keys to unlocking your success – and making a ton of money in the process!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Tanner H. Hicks

Over my career I have worked hard to...

● Build a 7-figure property portfolio with a 6-figure passive income

● Coach and mentor hundreds of entrepreneurs in property, business and finance.

● Complete over 30+ property deals within the residential and commercial space and across different areas of the UK

● Become an award winning Property Investor & Public Speaker

I am very passionate about education, finance and self development and as an ex-civil engineer I have a keen eye for numbers and backwards engineering systems.

But what you should care about though is not my accomplishments...

Instead, it's the people just like you, in the same position...

Who I have helped go from "stuck investors" to "entrepreneurial property money magnets"... far surpassing their goals and ambitions.

And to sweeten the deal some more... you get access to the amazing bonuses for free




All the template documents and scripts you require to build a profitable property business including:
▶ Calculators
▶ Analysers
▶ Contracts
▶ Marketing templates.
▶ Legal frameworks.

▶ Operations Manuals
▶ Plus much more.




Agents have one of the biggest marketing budgets and access to off market opportunities.

By implementing these 10 simple steps you can leverage your local high street estate agent and convert them into your very own personalised sourcing agent.




Arm yourself with strategy knowledge to help you spot the opportunities where others can't with our Vault of Mini-trainings covering:


▶Purchase Lease Options

▶Commercial Conversions

▶Serviced Accommodation ▶Plus more...

Here's what others have said...


Ket Patel

Director - Clearway Properties

"I found these events and the community absolutely amazing! People full of experience. I've also JV'd with a partner from PEC which has worked out well for the both of us!"


Chloe Bisson

Entrepreneur & Property Investor

"If you're looking for a programme where you get the right advice, right strategies and are surrounded by action takers... join the Property Entrepreneurs Mastermind!"


Salim Miah

Founder - Isle Stay

"Learning never stops, here you have a mentor who is actively investing in property and can guide you and prevent you from making those mistakes."


Shane Matthews

Property Investor

"What I particularly liked about PEC events it wasn't just sitting there and listening to people talk on stage, it was engaging. From conversations, to sharing challenges and getting support."


Seb Cerdan

Director - Dreamfield Developments

"I met some great people at the PEC events and I got a chance to work with Tanner on figuring out the best deal I've ever done!"

Still on the fence?

We get it. Big leaps bring up questions!

Speak directly to a member of the team (or Tanner) and we'll help you find out whether the Property Entrepreneurs Mastermind is right for you.

If it's not, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps from here.

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