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We Help You To Build, Manage and Scale A Successful Property Business

Rapidly Growing Community

100+ Years Combined Experience

70+ Events Annually

Who Are We?

Property Entrepreneurs Club

PEC is a growing community of active business owners, investors and developers coming together in a safe environment to learn, obtain support, share their knowledge and access more opportunities.

In an ever changing industry, with challenges around every corner, the way we connect, learn and earn has changed.

We focus on facts and information that helps, not fairytales, nor hyperbole and we definitely do not sell anything on fear.

We put the most fundamental core of any community - it's people - in control, so whether you are completely new to property, or have been in the game a while, we can help.

Who Am I?

Tanner H. Hicks

A very successful property entrepreneur and investor, with a multimillion pound property portfolio and extensive experience across several property strategies.

Tanner reached financial independence at the age of 28 using property and has taught, coached and mentored hundreds of property entrepreneurs over the past seven years in property, business and finance.

He is very passionate about education, finance and self development and has a keen eye for numbers. Property can be a lonely game, so over the years he has become quite obsessed with collaborating, partnering and supporting others.

Your Club, Not Ours.

Property is fundamentally about one thing: People.

The term "It's not what you know, it's who you know" could not have more significance in the property world.

Our aspiration is to build the best community of Property Entrepreneurs who not only share a common goal, but who want to work together in sharing resources, opportunities, experiences and success.

It is your club, not ours.

Your new community offers:

  • Over 100+ years of combined experience
    Tap directly into a wealth of property knowledge and experience.

  • Over 70+ annual events to attend

    Learn, share, connect and socialise at over 70 events both online and in person throughout the year.

  • 24/7 Support

    No question is a silly question and our team of mentors are on hand to answer any questions you have 24/7.

Positive Impact By Giving

One of the core values of Property Entrepreneurs Club is to give, before celebrating our own success. That is why we donate regularly to our chosen charities.

Our current charity is Greenfingers. Greenfingers aim to provide all life-limited children, their families, and carers, within their hospice, emotional support through the power and pleasure of nature.

Every member of the Property Entrepreneurs Club has a direct positive impact on the lives of young people across the country.


Joining the Club today will give you immediate access to:

The Amazing PEC Private WhatsApp Group - Get all the support you will ever need instantly and in your hand!

Exclusive Access to How to Guides and Roadmaps - Get exclusive content from property experts on how you can reach your goals faster

Property Entrepreneurs Training Portal - Step-by-step roadmap focusing on the bloodline of property... doing more deals

Live In-Person Events - Every quarter you’ll be invited to attend an in-person intensive day to lay down your plans for the next 90 days with crystal-clear clarity, take action on your biggest challenges and get your top questions answered

Regular market updates, analysis and legislation changes

Access To Our Little Our Black Book, tried and tested service providers inc. brokers, solicitors, advisers, and more!

Exclusive Products, Promos, and Discounts!

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