Upcoming Events

We run a number events as part of the Property Entrepreneur Club, throughout the year.

Please see below for all upcoming events.


Throughout the course of the year we host a number of workshops on different topics within Property, Business and Wealth Creation.

Ran both virtually and in-person, these intensive, hands-on workshops help you to achieve specific outcomes. Check out the live listings at the top of this page for dates and availability of upcoming workshops.


An intimate, restricted round table mastermind focusing on getting work done and breaking through barriers.

These incredible days are restricted to 12 people per table and are held for Property Entrepreneurs Club Mastermind members only. We occasionally offer a taster day for non-members should a space be available. Keep your eye on the WhatsApp group!

Networking & Training Days

Every quarter, we like to meet up for in-person networking and training. We arrange for some incredible keynote speakers, discussion topics, expert panels and promote everyone to stand up, sell themselves and do more business. These days are a great way to experience what the club has to offer and to meet some of our amazing members.

Social Events

What's the point in running a business if you can't have some fun?

We arrange multiple social events throughout the year, like days at the races, golf days, summer BBQs, etc. As the community grows we promote members to host their own local events around the country.

Who Are We?

Property Entrepreneurs Club

PEC is a growing community of active business owners, investors and developers coming together in a safe environment to learn, obtain support, share their knowledge and access more opportunities.

In an ever changing industry, with challenges around every corner, the way we connect, learn and earn has changed.

We focus on facts and information that helps, not fairytales, nor hyperbole and we definitely do not sell anything on fear.

We put the most fundamental core of any community - it's people - in control, so whether you are completely new to property, or have been in the game a while, we can help.

Who is the Property Entrepreneurs Club for?

The Club and all our events

are for you, if you're a...

Property Investor

Property Developer

Service Provider within Property

Completely New To Property

Experienced As They Come

And Everything In Between!

Basically, if you run or intend to run any type of property related business, using any type of strategy, then the Property1 Column Entrepreneurs Club is for you!

Meet The Founder

Tanner H. Hicks

A very successful property entrepreneur and investor, with a multimillion pound property portfolio and extensive experience across several property strategies.

Tanner reached financial independence at the age of 28 using property and has taught, coached and mentored hundreds of property entrepreneurs over the past seven years in property, business and finance.

He is very passionate about education, finance and self development and has a keen eye for numbers. Property can be a lonely game, so over the years he has become quite obsessed with collaborating, partnering and supporting others.

You'll leave any Property Entrepreneurs Club event inspired about what property offers and with confidence that you are in the right place to springboard yourself towards future wealth generation!

Here's what others have said...


Ket Patel

Director - Clearway Properties

"I found these events and the community absolutely amazing! People full of experience. I've also JV'd with a partner from PEC which has worked out well for the both of us!"


Chloe Bisson

Entrepreneur & Property Investor

"If you're looking for a programme where you get the right advice, right strategies and are surrounded by action takers... join the Property Entrepreneurs Mastermind!"


Salim Miah

Founder - Isle Stay

"Learning never stops, here you have a mentor who is actively investing in property and can guide you and prevent you from making those mistakes."


Shane Matthews

Property Investor

"What I particularly liked about PEC events it wasn't just sitting there and listening to people talk on stage, it was engaging. From conversations, to sharing challenges and getting support."


Seb Cerdan

Director - Dreamfield Developments

"I met some great people at the PEC events and I got a chance to work with Tanner on figuring out the best deal I've ever done!"

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